Note: Before you start this process, keep in mind that the program that you want to uninstall will not be able to run in the background.

Using Task Manager

The first thing you can do is if you do not get a program to uninstall option anywhere. Press the Windows key combination “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” which will launch Windows Task Manager. Within the Task Manager panel. You will see various titled tabs, from there you have to go to the “Processes” tab. Check for the program that you want to uninstall on the list there. If it is there, then right-click it and close it, except move it alike. This background will clear the program from the playlist and you can try again to uninstall that program and it can be removed.

Using the Control Panel

Now there is another method by which you can uninstall programs that can not be removed properly. Just run Windows in safe mode, and then try to uninstall the program just by familiar methods. Even if the casual way is not working for you. You can still try to uninstall that program from the control panel options. In safe mode, windows can set aside problems and difficulties. Which can result in the functionality of the programs and various functions, so any stubborn program can be easily removed from Windows Safe Mode?

Using Program Install & Uninstall Troubleshooter

This is a troubleshooting program created for Microsoft to help users overcome uninstallation problems for installation problems or programs. It will scan the PC for problems and try to fix it automatically, but if there is no fix for the problem, you can choose from the list of threat programs yourself and then go for a large troubleshooter that can give you sometimes. Quick fix and so you can easily uninstall that criminal program.