Flipboard, a popular social sharing and news aggregator service, used by more than 150 million people, has revealed that some users’ account information has been hacked in its database.

Flipboard Database Hacked

According to a public note published by the company yesterday, unknown hackers recovered unauthorized access to their system for approximately 10 months – between June 2, 2018, and March 23, 2019, and again on 21-22 April 2019.

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Hackers then potentially downloaded the actual name, user name, cryptographic (salty hash) protected password and email address of Flipboard users. Which included digital tokens for those users who had their Flipboard account with third-party social The media was connected to the service.

According to a Breach notification email sent to affected users and seen by us. The company has now reset a password for all users as a precaution so that users can create a new strong password for their accounts.

“You can continue to use Flipboard on those devices from which you are already logged in. When you access your Flipboard account from a new device or the next time you log out of your account in the Flipboard Log in, you will be asked to create a new password. “The company said.

Flipboard also said that it has not seen any unauthorized access to any third party account. And it is still in the process of determining the total number of affected users.

The company has also decided to change or remove all digital tokens. Which are no longer valid and hence cannot be misused.

“We have not received any evidence that the unauthorized person has access to a third-party account (accounts) related to users’ Flipboard accounts. As a precaution, we have changed or removed all digital tokens,” read the post.

“If you have connected your Flipboard account to a third-party account to view its content. You can notice in some cases that you need to add again.”

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“In particular, the Flipboard does not collect users, and in this event. The government issued ID (such as a social security number or driver’s license number), or payment card, bank account or other financial information was not included.”

The company did not disclose the total number of users affected by the breach. But the next time you log in to your Flipboard account, you need to update your account password.

In addition, if you are using the same username and password combination as a Flipboard for any other online service, you are advised to change your password there too.

The company has notified law enforcement about this incident and is still investigating to know how the hackers first managed to gain access to their system or which vulnerabilities they took advantage of.